29th July 2019 – Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants & Pests Center, University of Minnesota

Entomology -- InsectsThe Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants & Pests Center (MITPPC) is a University of Minnesota research center generating practical, science-based solutions to protect prairies, forests, wetlands and agricultural resources from harm by invasive species. The Center grants funding to faculty working on prioritized invasive insects, weeds and pathogens in the region.

The MITPPC works with experts in agronomy, forestry, robotics engineering, veterinary epidemiology and many other areas. We encourage innovation and interdisciplinary study by drawing from the diverse talents of the entire University of Minnesota system. Our researchers also form community and research partnerships to bring new developments into management use.

MITPPC was officially established by the Minnesota State Legislature in 2014, and its mission is funded by the state’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative and Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources.

You can learn more about the MITPPC, terrestrial invasive species, and over 20 research projects online at https://mitppc.umn.edu/