22nd February 2016 – Timothée Poisot, Université de Montreal

Timothée PoisotTimothée Poisot (but please call him Tim) is an assistant professor at the Université de Montréal. According to his website (http://poisotlab.io), he does research in computational and quantitative ecology. This means that he hates going in the field, and uses maths and computers to do ecology instead (but some of his best friends are empiricists!). Tim works primarily on the variability of species interactions, and the role of species interactions in driving ecosystem functions. Be prepared for lots of discussions about the relationships between theory and field work in ecology, the culture of data sharing, and what it means to be a new faculty.


September 15th 2014 – Borja Esteve Altava, Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology

Borja Esteve AltavaI am a young theoretical biologist interested in the morphological evolution of vertebrates. In particular, how developmental processes determine the evolution of the head, as well as create evolutionary trends during the history of life. To study these questions I use abstract mathematical models, such as networks, and morphospaces to distinguish between impossible and possible forms, and analyze phylogenetic patterns of change in living and extinct animals.