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22/04/19 Julie Teresa Shapiro
(Institut national de la santé et recherche médicale)
Ecology, bats, antibiotic resistance
29/04/19 Dead Birds of Rutgers – Newark
(Rutgers University – Newark / New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Ornithology, window collisions, urban ecology, conservation
06/05/19 Jesse Czekanski-Moir
(SUNY-ESF (Syracuse, NY, USA) / Belau National Museum (Palau))
Ants, land snails, & sundry invertebrates
13/05/19 Malcolm S Ramsay
(University of Toronto)
20/05/19 Shiz Aoki
(BioRender, National Geographic Magazine)
Immunology, cell biology, anatomy
27/05/19 Nat Ring
(University of Bath)
Microbial genomics
03/06/19 Maiko Kitaoka
(University of California, Berkeley)
Cell biology / cell division, cell cycle
10/06/19 Chelsea Little
(Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology))
Ecology (communities & ecosystems; aquatic, terrestrial…)
17/06/19 Heather Slinn
(University of Guelph)
Chemical ecology, microbial ecology
24/06/19 Lucy Taylor
(Save the Elephants/ University of Oxford)
Movement ecology, elephants
01/07/19 Saloni Rose
(IISER Mohali)
08/07/19 Vicky Vásquez
(Pacific Shark Research Center)
Deep sea chondrichthyans
15/07/19 Andrew Barnas
University of North Dakota)
Snow goose ecology and using drones for wildlife research
22/07/19 Steven Allain (University of Kent/Zoological Society of London) Herpetology
05/08/19 Sarah Madden
(University of Bath)
Peptide-based cancer medicines
12/08/19 Katherine James
Natural History Museum)
19/08/19 Danielle Rivet
(University of Saskatchewan)
26/08/19 Chase LaDue
(George Mason University)
Behavior, ecology, and conservation biology of elephants

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