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10/04/2017 David Shiffman Marine conservation
17/04/2017 Reeteka Sud
(National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India)
24/04/2017 Danielle Gilroy
(Operation Wallacea)
Conservation biology
01/05/2017 Teresa Mastracci
(Indiana Biosciences Research Institute)
Diabetes and pancreas development
08/05/2017 Vicki Tough
(Sylvana Alta Ltd)
Canopy research
15/05/2017 Melissa Marquez
(The Fins United Initiative)
Marine biology/ science communication, elasmobranchs
22/05/2017 Seth Barribeau
(University of Liverpool)
Evolutionary ecology, eco-immunology
29/05/2017 Rutger Vos
(Naturalis Biodiversity Center)
Computational evolutionary biology
05/06/2017 Michelle Rodrigues
(University of Illinois)
Biological anthropology, primate behavior and endocrinology
12/06/2017 Angela Watkins
(Welsh Government)
Landscape ecology and conservation
26/06/2017 Biotweeps Conference   Register here
03/07/2017 Lauren Diepenbrock
(North Carolina State University, Entomological Society of America)
Entomology / Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
10/07/2017 Robyn Womack
(University of Glasgow)
Avian biological rhythms and circadian clocks
17/07/2017 Egle Marija Ramanauskaite
(Technarium hackerspace, Human Computation Institute)
Biohacking, molecular biology
31/07/2017 Lauren Fidler
(Plymouth University)
Marine biology: science communication, cetaceans, citizen science
14/08/2017 Inés Dawson
(University of Oxford)
Insect flight biomechanics
04/09/2017 Sheryl Hosler
(Northern Illinois University)
Restoration ecology – entomology
11/09/2017 Nicholas Pilfold
(San Diego Zoo Global)
Large carnivore ecology
23/10/2017 Alyson Brokaw
(Texas A&M University)
Bats, sensory ecology, animal communication

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