Available dates are highlighted in bold red. New dates will be added to this list on an ongoing basis. Clicking the contributor’s name will open a new page to their twitter account.

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01/10/18 Vanessa Pirotta
(Macquarie University)
Conservation, cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises), technology, citizen science
08/10/18 Ramesh Laungani
(Doane University)
Plant ecology
15/10/18 Cassie Freund
(Wake Forest University)
Tropical montane forest community & disturbance ecology
22/10/18 Katherine Raines
(Univeristy of Stirling)
Radiation ecology, bumblebees
29/10/18 Luis Pedro Coelho
(Fudan University)
Computational biology. microbiome. microbial ecology
05/11/18 Sujatha Jagannathan
(University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus)
RNA Biology / mRNA quality control
12/11/18 Landon Getz
(Dalhousie University)
Bacteriology, molecular pathogenesis
19/11/18 Elizabeth Franklin
(University of Guelph)
Pollinators, behavioural ecology
26/11/18 Cecilia O’Leary
(Stony Brook University)
Quantitative ecology / fisheries science
03/12/18 Maureen Berg
(Joint Genome Institute)
Microbial biology, genomics, bacteriophages, molecular biology, evolution
10/12/18 Katherine O’Reilly
(University of Notre Dame and National Sea Grant College Program)
Aquatic ecology; fisheries science
07/01/19 Viktor Baranov (Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum) Aquatic entomology /  palaeoecology /  biodiversity and climate change
14/01/19 Kimberleigh Tommy
(Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences)
Palaeoanthropology, functional morphology
21/01/19 Kimberley Simpson (University of York) Fire ecology
28/01/19 Jesamine Bartlett
(Univeristy of Birmingham & British Antarctic Survey)
Polar ecology – invasive species in Antarctica in particular
04/02/19 Nancy Miorelli
Entomology: structural color & ecological tours
25/02/19 Hannah Rudd
(University of York)
Marine biology/ conservation

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