Available dates are highlighted in bold red. New dates will be added to this list on an ongoing basis. Clicking the contributor’s name will open a new page to their twitter account.

For previous contributors, visit the Archive.

07/08/2017 Shandiya Balasubramaniam
(Museums Victoria)
Evolutionary ecology
14/08/2017 Inés Dawson
(University of Oxford)
Insect flight biomechanics
21/08/2017 Rachael Bonoan
(Tufts University)
Behavioral and nutritional ecology
28/08/2017 Julie Blommaert
(University of Innsbruck)
Evolution, genetics
04/09/2017 Sheryl Hosler
(Northern Illinois University)
Restoration ecology – entomology
11/09/2017 Nicholas Pilfold
(San Diego Zoo Global)
Large carnivore ecology
18/09/2017 Hannah Brazeau
(Algoma University)
Biology/plant community ecology
25/09/2017 Alex Thornton & Meagan Dewar
(International Penguin Early Career Scientists (IPECS))
02/10/2017 Sandra Bustamante Lopez
(Swansea University, VEDAS CII)
Biomedical engineering
09/10/2017 Nafisa Jadavji
(Carleton University)
Nutritional neuroscience
16/10/2017 Liz Martin-Silverstone
(University of Southampton and University of Bristol)
Palaeontology (pterosaurs)
23/10/2017 Alyson Brokaw
(Texas A&M University)
Bats, sensory ecology, animal communication
30/10/2017 Emilie Novaczek
(Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Marine biogeography
06/11/2017 Kristine Richter
(BioArCh, Department of Archaeology, University of York)
13/11/2017 Brittany N. Lasseigne
(HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology)
20/11/2017 Brit Garner
(University of Montana; SciShow Psych)
Conservation genomics
27/11/2017 Alexander Georgiev
(Bangor University)
Primate behavioural ecology & evolutionary anthropology
04/12/2017 Sara Cannon
(University of British Columbia)
Coral reef ecology
11/12/2017 Joanna Berger
(University of Edinburgh)
Applied animal behavior and animal welfare science
Christmas break
08/01/18 Ann-Sophie Warkentin
(Bangor University)
Using camera traps to detect small Mammal ecology

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