Rules and Guidelines

Curatorial weeks will begin at 0700 GMT on Mondays, and will conclude at 0700 on subsequent Saturdays.

By signing on to be a curator of @Biotweeps you agree to the following:
1.    Be the sole tweeter of @Biotweeps for the week that you are assigned.
2.    Don’t change the password supplied to you, i.e. administrators need to have full access to the @biotweeps account at all times.
3.    Don’t change the photo, biography, background or theme of the @Biotweeps account, unless expressly directed to do so (e.g. changing the profile photo at the start of your week).
4.    Provide a profile photo which may be used during your week, and some background information on yourself, including research and interests, for the @Biotweeps blog.
5.    All content posted during your week is your responsibility. That said, the @Biotweeps curators will take action if your posts contain racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
6.    Refrain from using obscene or abusive language.
7.    Don’t actively promote or advertise any business or receive remuneration from a third party to do so.
8.    After your assigned week, remove access to @Biotweeps from any applications to which you may have granted access.
9.    You may not block or unfollow any other twitter users from the account, though you may follow other accounts*.
10.    A curator’s access may be revoked if a disproportionate amount of followers report problems engaging with the curator, or if the curator is inactive on the account.

*In the event that you receive abuse while contributing, please do block the offender if you feel it necessary. If this does occur, please send me email, noting the offender’s Twitter handle and a description of the offense, to

Please follow the Twitter terms of service: The administrators of @Biotweeps reserve the right to warn or revoke the access of anyone who violates Twitter’s terms of service or breaches any of the above rules.

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