BTCon17 – Day 3

10:00 – 13:00 #sciencesentence

What is  #sciencesentence? It’s a chance for followers of the conference to join the conversation. Can you sum up your science in fewer than 140 characters? Give it a go, and use the #sciencesentence hashtag. Infographics are allowed, links to videos, journals or additional text are not. Let’s get some conversations started!

Science authors

15:00 Prof. Dale Walters
Fortress Plant: How to Survive When Everything Wants to Eat You
16:00 Matt Simon
The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar: Evolution’s Most Unbelievable Solutions to Life’s Biggest Problems

Science artists

17:00 Jen Burgess
Jen Burgess is a freelance science illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. She has formal training in science, education, and the fine arts. In 2015 she completed a postgraduate certificate in Science Illustration at California State University Monterey Bay. Her primary goal is to serve the scientific community and help educate the public. She collaborates with scientists, researchers, writers, science communicators and other experts to interpret their work and research to create a compelling piece of artwork that communicates their message or tells their story. More at
18:00 Beth Windle
Beth was raised with an innate love for the natural world. She has been drawing flora and fauna ever since she can remember, and has a particular love for the 18th-19th century style of the natural history illustrators. She combines modern knowledge of anatomy and behaviour, and uses it to create art with a unique taste of old curiosities and the timeless appreciation for the natural world. Her art can now be found in multiple museum collections and graces the homes of naturalists and the general public worldwide.
19:00 Hannah B.
 I am a digital artist focusing predominantly on intertwining the personal and the scientific. By combining visual representations of specific areas of scientific inquiry (such as pieces of specialized equipment and study organisms) with rainbow colours, I am able to create a means of increasing the visibility of LGBTQIA+ scientists and their work.
20:00 The Vexed Muddler
By day I work in a genome centre, where I play with bacteria and stare at lots and lots of data. The rest of the time, I create hand-made ceramic jewellery and decor with microbial and other biological themes. I have also been known to dabble in digital illustration. Whether at the lab or in the studio, I am constantly seeking ways to join art and science, with varying degrees of success. My SciArt is both creative therapy and a way to challenge myself outside of scientific circles.
21:00 Matthew
 I’m a biochemist who spends his time blogging and cartooning about my adventures in research. I also write a column for