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Please be aware that Biotweeps profile pictures change on a weekly basis, therefore the current picture will not reflect the author of the archived tweets.


Date Name Affiliation Archived Tweets
04/08/2014 John Mulley Bangor University Archive
11/08/2014 Mike Dickison Whanganui Regional Museum Archive
18/08/2014 Gavan Cooke Bangor University Archive
25/08/2014 John R. Hutchinson Royal Veterinary College Archive
01/09/2014 Adam Hayward University of Edinburgh Archive
08/09/2014 Jon Tennant Imperial College London Archive
15/09/2014 Borja Esteve Altava Cavanilles Institute Archive
22/09/2014 Lauren Sumner-Rooney Queen’s University Belfast Archive
29/09/2014 Natalie Hicks Scottish Association for Marine Science Archive
06/10/2014 Rebecca Nesbit Society of Biology Archive
13/10/2014 Christopher Jones Rothamsted Research Archive
20/10/2014 Lali DeRosier, Archive
27/10/2014 Özge Özkaya University of Leicester Archive
03/11/2014 Naomi Osborne Thermo Fisher Scientific Archive
10/11/2014 Adam Summers University of Washington Archive
17/11/2014 Holly Kirk Oxford University Archive
24/11/2014 Steve Portugal Royal Holloway, London Archive
01/12/2014 Aimee Eckert University of Sussex Archive
08/12/2014 Lauren Sakowski Nemours Biomedical Reasearch Archive
15/12/2014 Vic Metcalfe  Lincoln University Archive
05/01/2015 Alexandra Tyers Bangor University Archive
12/01/2015 Jeremy Yoder University of Minnesota Archive
19/01/2015 Richard Tomsett Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Archive
26/01/2015 Viola Ross-Smith British Trust for Ornithology Archive
02/02/2015 Peter Harrison University of Leeds Archive
09/02/2015 Eleanor Senior University of Birmingham Archive
16/02/2015 Simon Goring University of Wisconsin – Madison Archive
23/02/2015 Justin Gerlach independent Archive
02/03/2015 Bob O’Hara BiK-F Archive
09/03/2015 Dave Hawkes The Florey Institute Archive
16/03/2015 Wes Wilson University of Queensland / UBC Archive
23/03/2015 Tom Kimmerer Venerable Trees, Inc Archive
30/03/2015 Rafik Neme Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology Archive
06/04/2015 Alex Thornton IPECS, APECS US SW Archive
13/04/2015 Matt Hayward Bangor University Archive
20/04/2015 Chris Slape Monash University Archive
27/04/2015 Emilie Champagne Université Laval Archive
04/05/2015 Stewart Barker The University of Sheffield Archive
11/05/2015 Kirk Mantay South River Federation Archive
18/05/2015 Andrew Lucas NRW, Swansea University, NBGW Archive
25/05/2015 Andrew Walker University of Oxford Archive
01/06/2015 Michelle Reeve RVC& University College London Archive
08/06/2015 Joanne Kamens Addgene Archive
15/06/2015 Caitlyn Cardetti Columbia University Medical School Archive
22/06/2015 Tuomas Aivelo University of Helsinki Archive
29/06/2015 Achaz von Hardenberg Alpine Wildlife Research Centre Archive
06/07/2015 Adam Hart University of Gloucestershire Archive
13/07/2015 Phil Cox University of York Archive
20/07/2015 Devon Smith University of Birmingham Archive
27/07/2015 Lucy Hawkes University of Exeter Archive
03/08/2015 Biotweeps 1st anniversary week 5 days, 5 curators Archive
10/08/2015 Ben Ashby University of Exeter Archive
17/08/2015 Irene Andreau Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) Archive
24/08/2015 Becky Barak Northwestern University/Chicago Botanic Garden Archive
31/08/2015 Richard Facey Natural Resources Wales and Cardiff University Archive
07/09/2015 Megan Shersby Archive
14/09/2015 Grant McGregor  University of Sussex Archive
21/09/2015 Dr. Mike Archive
28/09/2015 Auriel Fournier University of Arkansas Archive
02/10/2015 Leigh Nicholson University of Sydney Archive
11/10/2015 Tuula Eriksson University College London Archive
19/10/2015 Jennifer Robison IUPUI Archive
26/10/2015 James Common University of Cumbria Archive
02/10/2015 Stuart Bearhop University of Exeter Archive
09/11/2015 Moe Wehbe BC Cancer – UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Archive
16/11/2015 Sarah Paul University of Exeter Archive
23/11/2015 Maria Magdalena Razalan University of York Archive
30/11/2015 Janet Ng University of Alberta Archive
07/12/2015 Bill Sullivan Indiana University School of Medicine Archive
14/12/2015 Connell Bradwell Nottingham Trent University Archive
04/01/2016 Emma Thomas Conservationist Archive
11/01/2016 Kirsty MacLeod University of Cambridge Archive
18/01/2016 Steve Dudley British Ornithologists’ Union Archive
25/01/2016 Simon Tonkin Conservation Grade Archive
01/02/2016 Sean McCann Scientist, photographer Archive
08/02/2016 Kevin Kohl Vanderbilt University Archive
15/02/2016 Sophia Frentz MCRI, University of Melbourne Archive
22/02/2016 Timothée Poisot Université de Montreal Archive
29/02/2016 James Higham New York University Archive
07/03/2016 Luis Verde Arregoitia  Natural History Museum Bern Archive
14/03/2016 Daniella Rabaiotti IoZ and UCL CBER Archive
21/03/2016 Pieter Torrez Archive
28/03/2016 Rob Thomas Cardiff University Archive
04/04/2016 Interaction week Biotweeps Archive
11/04/2016 Asia Murphy Virginia Tech Archive
18/04/2016 Jen McDonald Western University Archive
25/04/2016 Michelle LaRue University of Minnesota Archive
02/05/2016 James Borrell Queen Mary University of London Archive
09/05/2016 Wytham tits University of Oxford Archive
16/05/2016 Kelly Ksiazek Northwestern University and The Chicago Botanic Garden Archive
23/05/2016 Sarah Knutie University of South Florida Archive
30/05/2016 Sally Faulkner Queen Mary University Archive
06/06/2016 Olivia Spencer Plymouth University Archive
13/06/2016 Abby Lawson Clemson University Archive
20/06/2016 Luke Tilley Royal Entomological Society Archive
27/06/2016 Centre for Marine Futures University of Western Australia Archive
04/07/2016 Alyson Gamble New College of Florida & USF-SM Archive
11/07/2016 Dan Sankey Swansea University Archive
18/07/2016 Katherine James Newcastle University Archive
25/07/2016 Urmy himself Stony Brook University Archive
01/08/2016 Martin Johnsson Linköping University, Sweden Archive
08/08/2016 Hernani Oliveira Queen Mary University of London Archive
15/08/2016 Erin Spencer Ocean Conservancy, National Geographic Archive
22/08/2016 Megan Larsen University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archive
29/08/2016 Muhammad Adnan Ashraf University of Agriculture Faisalabad Archive
31/09/2016 Matthew Partridge Cranfield University Archive
31/09/2016 Matthew Partridge Cranfield University Archive
05/09/2016 Claire Asher Freelance science communicator / Innovation officer for the London NERC DTP Archive
12/09/2016 Aubrey Tauer Cura Earth, City University of New York Archive
19/09/2016 Auriel Fournier Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit – University of Arkansas Archive
26/09/2016 Scott J. Davidson  University of Sheffield Archive
03/10/2016 Kelly O’Connor Archbold Biological Station Archive
10/10/2016 Steve Dudley British Ornithologists’ Union Archive
17/10/2016 Corey Krabbenhoft Wayne State University Archive
24/10/2016 Pattison particle University of Stirling Archive
31/10/2016 Blair Costelloe Max Planck Institute of Ornithology/University of Konstanz Archive
07/11/2016 Julia Koricheva Royal Holloway University of London Archive
14/11/2016 Indicators and Assessments Research Unit (Institute of Zoology (ZSL)) Zoological Society of London Archive
21/11/2016 Lindsey Thurman Oregon State University Archive
28/11/2016 Sarah Ahlbrand University of Maryland Archive
29/11/2016 Maureen Williams Trinity College Dublin Archive
30/11/2016 Tom Evans University College London Archive
01/12/2016 Dani Rabaiotti University College London Archive
05/12/2016 Ashley Otter Royal Veterinary College, University of London Archive
12/12/2016 Simon Gingins Department of Collective Behaviour, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Konstanz, Germany Archive
09/01/2017 Kelsey Byers University of Zürich Archive
16/01/2017 Patrick Hennessey Queen Mary University Archive
23/01/2017 Lisa Whitenack Allegheny College Archive
30/01/2017 Naima Montacer Hill Archive
06/02/2017 Amanda Glaze Georgia Southern University Archive
13/02/2017 Lisa Buckley Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre Archive
20/02/2017 Shelby Bohn University of Regina Archive
27/02/2017 Alex Evans(University of Leeds) University of Leeds Archive
06/03/2017 Tim Lucas University of Oxford Archive
13/03/2017 Darwin Fu Vanderbilt University Archive
20/03/2017 Jez Smith Cardiff University, Eco-explore CIC Archive
27/03/2017 Alicia McConnell Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical Schoo Archive
03/04/2017 Caroline Bettridge Manchester Metropolitan University Archive
10/04/2017 David Shiffman Simon Fraser University Archive
17/04/2017 South Reeteka National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India Archive
24/04/2017 Danielle Gilroy Operation Wallacea Archive
01/05/2017 Teresa Mastracci Indiana Biosciences Research Institute Archive
08/05/2017 Vicki Tough Sylvana Alta Ltd Archive
15/05/2017 Melissa Marquez The Fins United Initiative Archive
22/05/2017 Seth Barribeau University of Liverpool Archive
29/05/2017 Rutger Vos Naturalis Biodiversity Center Archive
05/06/2017 Michelle Rodrigues University of Illinois Archive
12/06/2017 Angela Watkins Welsh Government Archive
19/06/2017 Goutham Radha Howard University Archive
26/06/2017 Biotweeps Conference Archive
03/07/2017 Lauren Diepenbrock North Carolina State University, Entomological Society of America Archive
10/07/2017 Robyn Womack University of Glasgow Archive
17/07/2017 Egle Mary Ramanauskaite Technarium hackerspace, Human Computation Institute Archive
24/07/2017 Cat Hobaiter; Kirsty Graham University of St Andrews Archive
31/07/2017 Katrin Lohrengel Sea Watch Foundation Archive
07/08/2017 Shandiya Balasubramaniam Museums Victoria Archive
14/08/2017 Inés Dawson University of Oxford Archive
21/08/2017 Rachael Bonoan Tufts University Archive
28/08/2017 Julie Blommaert University of Innsbruck Archive
04/09/2017 Sheryl Hosler Northern Illinois University Archive
11/09/2017 Nicholas Pilfold San Diego Zoo Global Archive
18/09/2017 Hannah Brazeau Algoma University Archive
25/09/2017 Alex Thornton Meagan Dewar International Penguin Early Career Scientists (IPECS) Archive
02/10/2017 Sandra Bustamante Lopez Swansea University, VEDAS CII Archive
09/10/2017 Nafisa Jadavji Carleton University Archive
16/10/2017 Liz Martin-Silverstone University of Southampton and University of Bristol Archive
23/10/2017 Alyson Brokaw Texas A&M University Archive
30/10/2017 Emilie Novaczek Memorial University of Newfoundland Archive
06/11/2017 Kristine Richter BioArCh, Department of Archaeology, University of York Archive
13/11/2017 Brittany N. Lasseigne HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Archive
20/11/2017 Brit Garner University of Montana; SciShow Psych Archive
27/11/2017 Patrice Jones University of Newcastle Archive
04/12/2017 Sara Cannon University of British Columbia Archive
11/12/2017 Joanna Berger University of Edinburgh Archive
08/01/2018 Ann-Sophie Warkentin Bangor University Archive
15/01/2018 Meaghan Pimsler University of Alabama Archive
22/01/2018 Stephen Heard Dept. of Biology, University of New Brunswick Archive
29/01/2018 Robin Hayward University of Stirling Archive
05/02/2018 Morgan Jackson University of Guelph Archive
12/02/2018 Adam Marcus Emory University Archive
19/02/2018 Meghan Barrett Drexel University Archive
26/02/2018 Andrew Durso Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Utah State University Archive
05/03/2018 Laura Treible University of North Carolina Wilmington Archive
12/03/2018 Shiz Aoki National Geographic Magazine, Anatomize Studios Archive
19/03/2018 Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) APECS & various international unis/groups Archive
26/03/2018 Glen Pyle University of Guelph Archive
02/04/2018 Kevin Burgio University of Connecticut Archive
09/04/2018 Begoña Iñarritu UNAM & National Comission of Protected Areas in Mexico Archive
16/04/2018 Meghan Barrett Drexel University Archive
23/04/2018 Nina O’Hanlon University of the Highlands and Islands Archive
30/04/2018 Auriel Fournier Mississippi State University Archive
07/05/2018 Karen Bondoc University of Jena, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology Archive
14/05/2018 Isa Betancourt The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University Archive
21/05/2018 Manuel Spitschan University of Oxford Archive
28/05/2018 Sabah Ul-Hasan UC Merced Archive
04/06/2018 Louise Topping William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London Archive
11/06/2018 Anne Berlin DC Web Mavens, Women of Email Archive
18/06/2018 #BTCon18 Global conference Archive
25/06/2018 Lewis Bartlett University of Exeter & University of California Berkeley Archive
02/07/2018 Sarah Cosgriff Institute of Physics Archive
09/07/2018 Brandyn Lucca Stony Brook University Archive
16/07/2018 Eleanor Senior University of Liverpool Archive
23/07/2018 Stacey Felgate National Oceanography Centre (NOCS) / University of Southampton Archive
30/07/2018 Aliza le Roux University of the Free State-Qwaqwa Archive
06/08/2018 Alexander Georgiev Bangor University Archive
13/08/2018 Danny Haelewaters Harvard University Archive
20/08/2018 Megan Lynch Pasadena City College Archive
27/08/2018 Paul Julian University of Florida Archive
03/09/2018 Morgan Halane POSTECH Archive
10/09/2018 Phil Bouchet University of Western Australia Archive
17/09/2018 Ed Emmott Northeastern University Archive
24/09/2018 Aileen Baird University of Birmingham, Birmingham Institute of Forest Research funded by NERC through DREAM CDT Archive
01/10/2018 Vanessa Pirotta Macquarie University Archive
08/10/2018 Ramesh Laungani Doane University Archive
15/10/2018 Cassie Freund Wake Forest University Archive
22/10/2018 Katherine Raines Univeristy of Stirling Archive
29/10/2018 Luis Pedro Coelho Fudan University Archive
05/11/2018 Sujatha Jagannathan University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Archive
12/11/2018 Landon Getz Dalhousie University Archive
19/11/2018 Elizabeth Franklin University of Guelph Archive
26/11/2018 Cecilia O’Leary Stony Brook University Archive
03/12/2018 Maureen Berg Joint Genome Institute Archive
10/12/2018 Katherine O’Reilly University of Notre Dame and National Sea Grant College Program Archive
17/12/2018 Viktor Baranov (Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum) Archive
24/12/2018 Kimberleigh Tommy (Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences) Archive
31/12/2018 Kimberley Simpson (University of York) Archive
07/01/2019 Jesamine Bartlett (Univeristy of Birmingham & British Antarctic Survey) Archive
14/01/2019 Nancy Miorelli (SciBugs) Archive
21/01/2019 Daisy Maryon (Univeristy of South Wales, Kanahau Utila Research and Conservation Facility, international iguana foundation) Archive
28/01/2019 Kannan Raja (Bangor University) Archive
04/02/2019 No curator
04/03/2019 Patrick Kennedy University of Bristol Archive
11/03/2019 Hannah Brazeau University of New Brunswick Archive
18/03/2019 Lauren Callender Queen Mary University of London Archive
25/03/2019 Stephen Beckett Georgia Institute of Technology Archive
01/04/2019 Jenny Howard Wake Forest University Archive
08/04/2019 Wes Wilson UWA / NCARD / Mostly Science Archive
15/04/2019 Malaria Atlas Project Big Data Institute, University of Oxford, IHME Archive

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