9th July 20018 – Brandyn Lucca, Stony Brook University

Brandyn LuccaBrandyn Lucca (@brandynlucca) is a PhD student at Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY. His current interests involve studying how underwater sound reflects off of different types of animals and how both active and passive acoustics can be used to quantify multiple facets of aquatic life. He obtained his BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Rhode Island (2012) and an MSc in Biological Oceanography from Stony Brook University (2016). His MSc thesis work used sonar to quantify distributions of abundance, biomass, and size-class of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) in the Peconic River and off the southern shore of Long Island.

His dissertation research, while still in flux, quantifies the ‘acoustic fingerprint’ of individual animals ranging from small krill to larger fish. These measurements are important for converting the acoustic energy what we see on our fancy fish fish finders to actual numbers non-acousticians care about (e.g., number of fish) and identify the types of animals we are seeing. These experiments are conducted in a super-sophisticated water tank that is most certainly not a 44 gallon trash can, which would be preposterous. Brandyn is also an unofficial krill wrangler (and other small critters!) due to his tireless efforts in tying beautiful knots (despite his adviser’s near-daily critiques) to tether the animals since it is significantly easier to record measurements of stationary animals.

Outside of his PhD, Brandyn is pretty bland: no alter-egos, takes mediocre nature photographs, breaks bones by accidentally running into trees, and brews beer that could only be described as “this did not need to be brought into this world”.


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