2nd July 2018 – Sarah Cosgriff, Institute of Physics

Sarah CosgriffSarah Cosgriff is a Gender Balance Officer at the Institute of Physics. She helps schools embed approaches to tackle gender bias with the aim to encourage more girls to take A level Physics. She is also a freelance science communicator and trainer who loves to present shows and talks, run hands on activities, help people develop their science communication skills and sometimes dabbles in comedy.
Sarah has a BSc in Biological Sciences with Cell Biology and a MSc in Systems Biology from the University of Warwick. She started a PhD focused on cell migration but found that research was not quite the right fit for her and ended up pursuing science communication instead. Her career history includes managing the STEM Ambassadors Programme in Birmingham and Solihull, developing training focused on STEM activities within youth work at The Prince’s Trust and presenting a TEDx talk focused on failure. She also co-founded #BrumScicomm, a network of science communicators in the West Midlands.
In terms of what she is going to cover this week, she is going to talk about how she went from lab bench to science communication, her views on science communication and what she is currently involved in.

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