4th June 2018 – Louise Topping, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Louise ToppingLouise is currently a final year PhD student at the William Harvey Research Institute, part of Queen Mary University of London. Her PhD research focuses on targeting therapeutics to arthritic joints using antibodies specific to damaged cartilage. During her PhD, she has combined these antibodies with additional therapies to deliver them only to the areas of the body that need it.

Louise completed her BSc(Hons) and MRes degrees from the University of Brighton before moving to London for her PhD studies. During her studies in Brighton, her research was focused on biomaterials with cartilage regeneration or anti-inflammatory properties.

Louise’s main scientific interests lie within Human Biology, although she thoroughly enjoys nature and being outdoors amongst wildlife. She enjoys partaking in public engagement, including patient engagement days, being part of the Queen Mary Pint of Science organising team and volunteering with science events aimed at school children.

During her week as the tweeter of Biotweeps she will be discussing her PhD work, as well as her other scientific interests, public engagement, day-to-day lab life and the real-life issues of being an academic scientist in the 21st century.

You can find Louise tweeting (not always about science) at @louutopping


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