31st of October 2016 – Blair Costelloe, Max Planck Institute of Ornithology / University of Konstanz

blair-costelloeI am a wildlife behavioral ecologist specializing in ungulates (hoofed mammals). As a graduate student in Princeton University’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, I studied the maternal and antipredator behavior of Thomson’s gazelle, a small-bodied East African antelope. I was interested in understanding how mothers manage the often competing demands of raising a highly vulnerable offspring while simultaneously maintaining their own fecundity (i.e. getting enough food) and avoiding predation themselves. My project involved a lot of fieldwork in Laikipia, Kenya – always a fun topic for tweeting!

 After completing my Ph.D. I spent a couple of years teaching undergraduate courses and assisting with projects in my graduate advisor’s lab while searching for the next step. The next step turned out to be a postdoctoral position at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and the University of Konstanz in Germany! For this position I will be shifting away from individual behavioral strategies to focus on collective behavior of animal groups. I’ll be investigating vigilance behavior, collective predator detection, and information transfer in groups of gazelles and other savannah ungulates. This project will involve some fun high-tech camera set-ups and more exciting fieldwork in Kenya!

 During my curatorial week on I’ll be tweeting about my past and present research efforts, my road (so far!) to a career in behavioral ecology, my recent job search experience, along with other topics that come up along the way. I will also be tweeting many many wildlife photos. Check out my website at www.blaircostelloe.com to learn more about my work!

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