11th April 2016 – Asia Murphy, Virginia Tech

Asia MurphyI starting my PhD at Pennsylvania State University in Fall 2016, to work on the one species I swore I would never work on: white-tailed deer. Luckily, the project is focused on figuring out how carnivore presence on the landscape influences their mortality, so the ‘deerness’ is diluted.
My true interests lie in tropical rainforests and studying the population ecology and interspecific interactions of understudied species that can be camera-trapped. My Master’s research was a data hotdog, taken from the dregs of a PhD student’s project in Madagascar, and focused on lemurs, small mammals, ground-dwelling birds, and the largest native carnivore in Madagascar: the fosa. Madagascar remains close to my heart, and I hope to go back one day to put GPS collars on fosa to study their movements across the landscape (and to touch one in the wild).
Above all, I love being anatiala or inside the forest. Field work was and remains my draw to wildlife conservation.
If you want more information about what I do and what I’ve done, check out my website: anatiala.com
If you want to follow my constant tweeting and retweeting, follow me @am_anatiala

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