15th February 2016 – Sophia Frentz, MCRI, University of Melbourne

Sophia FrentzSophia Frentz (@SophiaFrentz) is a second year PhD student in Genetics with the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and the University of Melbourne. She investigates model systems and potential treatments for mitochondrial disorders, a project that is funded by the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, and really enjoys being able to engage with a group that’s involved from research to clinicians to patients (Last year she walked 35 kilometres in one of their fundraising efforts). Sophia did her undergraduate at the University of Otago, located in Dunedin, New Zealand, in Genetics with a minor in Microbiology – and took a few more fun courses, like food science and linguistics.

She’s chronically bad at focussing, so is also a passionate advocate for diversity in STEM, secretary of the University of Melbourne’s Women in Science and Engineering students’ group, President of the MCRI Research Students’ Association, co-lead tutor of a breadth subject at the University of Melbourne, writes for Lateral, and still finds time to have fun! (She’s currently playing Mass Effect 3 as part of that so no spoilers). She was featured on the cusp recently as one of “20 Young Australians on the cusp of greatness” which probably now means she has to do something great, and become Australian.

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