December 14th – Connel Bradwell, Nottingham Trent University

Connel BradwellI am a British/Canadian wildlife educator based in Victoria, British Columbia and Leicestershire, UK.

Growing up I always had a keen interest in the natural world, and began volunteering with my local conservation group aged 12. At university I studied BSc Wildlife Conservation at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2013.  Whilst at university I spent a year on Vancouver Island in Canada, interning in killer whale research, looking at the impact boats had on the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales found off Vancouver Island. This experience gave me the opportunity to do my own research, looking into the effects of boat distance on killer whale behaviour, which I used for my dissertation in the final year of university. After this I began working in environmental education, firstly in Vancouver and then in the UK during my final year of university.

After university I took up employment with an environmental education charity based in Victoria, BC, building their new education programs across Vancouver Island. I now educate thousands of children and adults about nature each year, spending time visiting schools and community centres teaching people all about local wildlife species, habitat, natural history and much more. Whilst promoting the importance of nature. As well as this I continue to work in the field, and am involved in a local bird banding/ringing charity, spending time banding birds for science, in order to track population numbers, migration routes and general health of the population. I spend the rest of my time hiking across Vancouver Island, and regularly spend time in my local patch watching the birds, this year I set up a wildlife blog, and use to discuss wildlife in my local area, as well as debate and look at wildlife news and research.

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