November 2nd 2015 – Stuart Bearhop, University of Exeter

Stuart BearhopI am an ecologist with a range of interests mainly related to migration and foraging ecology of vertebrates (particularly birds) and the application of stable isotope techniques in animal ecology.

My research focuses on spatial and trophic ecology of animals, with a particular interest in the causes and consequences of intra-population variation in foraging and dispersal behaviours. My research group works on a range of study systems at field sites all over the world: Sub-Antarctic New Zealand, South Atlantic, Portugal, Germany, Iceland, Great Britain (including Shetland, St Kilda), Northern Ireland & ROI, the Bahamas, USA, Canadian Arctic and the central Pacific. A major focus over the last 10 years or so has been establishing a long-term study of light-bellied Brent geese with the Irish Brent Goose Research Group and colleagues in Iceland. We have marked over 4000 individuals in Ireland, Iceland and in their Arctic breeding grounds in Canada. We will be conducting fieldwork during the course of the week and so stories of these birds will feature in my tweets.

Although research is what first attracted me to academia I see teaching as one of the most important and rewarding aspects of my job. My research interests and field experience give me a broad range of experiences to draw upon in my teaching and I incorporate research from my group in many of the lectures and practical sessions that I deliver.


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