October 26th 2015 – James Common, University of Cumbria

James CommonI am a 22 year old naturalist, conservationist and birder with a degree in BSc Conservation Science courtesy of the University of Cumbria. Growing up in rural Northumberland, wildlife has formed a huge part of my life since a very early age and at present I am working to turn my passion into a sustainable career. To date I have gained experience in both conservation and ecology and have developed a skill set ranging from ecological surveying to public engagement and practical habitat management, though who knows what the future might hold! In addition I possess a monumental interest in wildlife writing and to date have contributed to the blogs of many organisations, as well as local newspapers and have long kept a fairly popular natural history blog. Elsewhere my other interests include public and youth engagement, biological recording, photography (all be it at an amateur level) and of course, the perpetual learning curve that is ecology.

Being a naturalist is all about learning and at present I am learning something new and exciting on a daily basis. During my week on Biotweeps I will aim showcase these discoveries alongside interesting encounters that take place that week. I will also touch up on certain aspects of my academic career, my dissertation focussing on Otter diet, birding, my motivations looking towards a career in conservation and my thoughts on everything from the “youth conservation movement” to the stereotyping of nature lovers in our schools.

You can find me on Twitter at @CommonByNature and located my personal blog at www.commonbynature.co.uk. I also regularly contribute to Wildlife Articles.co.uk and can be found on LinkedIN.


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