October 19th 2015 – Jennifer Robison, Indiana University

Jennifer RobisonHi! I’m Jen, a PhD candidate in biology studying cold stress in soybeans. I have been studying autotrophs practically my entire biology career (except for one random summer interning with Diver’s Alert Network, ah, youth). My MSc focused on the effect of heat and light stress on zooxanthellae, the symbiotic algae found inside corals. And even during my bachelors, I investigated the cold requirements for germination and flowering in 2 invasive wildflower species. The techniques and species I’ve used have been different but the overall theme has been how do abiotic factors impact plants? That’s the main question we’ll grapple with this week on @Biotweeps!

Beyond my passion for plants, I love education and outreach. One of my best educational guinea pigs is my 8yo son! I enjoy making videos for his class to introduce topics and taking microscopes and other activities to his class or Cub Scout troop. Being a science Mom can be challenging, but it is possible. Hopefully we’ll have some time this week to discuss finding success as a #SciMom

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