August 31st 2015 – Richard Facey, Natural Resources Wales & Cardiff University

Rich FaceyI was the sort of child that was happiest looking at birds and bugs, collecting shells, rearing tadpoles and caterpillars, and generally being muddy.  Nothing much has changed in adulthood.

I have worked in conservation for approximately the last 13 years, having graduated in Zoology in 2002. Currently I work part-time as a Conservation Officer for Natural Resources Wales. Working in South Wales, in this role I look after and get to explore some of the best habitats Wales and the UK has to offer. My patch covers protected sites on islands, lakes, rivers, estuaries, extensive grasslands and woodlands, as well as a host geological sites. The rest of the time I am a part-time postgraduate student.

My research interests are predominately focused on how organisms adapt to changing environments – be that from climate change or urban expansion. In 2013 I enrolled as part-time post graduate student at Cardiff University. My thesis examines the impact of local weather variation on the seasonal fecundity of swallows Hirundo rustica and the decisions they make to overcome those impacts. It is based largely on data which I have gathered in my free time since 2006. I am supervised by Drs Rob Thomas (@RobThomas14 ) and Ian Vaughan (yet to be tempted onto twitter).

I’ll be tweeting about my research, occasionally about my day job and generally about natural history. If you enjoy my week then you can find more of the same at @faceyrj.


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