June 29th 2015 – Achaz von Hardenberg, Alpine Wildlife Research Centre, Gran Paradiso National Park

Achaz HardenbergI am a wildlife ecologist in charge of research and conservation projects for the Alpine Wildlife Research Centre of the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy and I serve also as a lecturer in Ecological Data Management and Analysis at the University of Turin. My research interests are widespread encompassing long term studies in evolutionary population ecology and demographics and the effects of climate change on population dynamics and life history, as well as molecular ecology, conservation biology and behavioural ecology. Besides a strong research program based on long term field studies of individually tagged animals (I contributed to start and currently maintain two successful long term research programs on Alpine ibex and on Alpine marmots), I have a strong interest in the development and application of novel statistical modelling methods in ecology and evolutionary biology for which I mostly use the open source statistical environment R and JAGS/WinBUGS. Recently I started also to work on phylogenetic comparative methods, and in particular on the development of both frequentist and Bayesian methods for path analysis and structural equation models with non-independent observations due to phylogenetic relatedness among species. 

During my Biotweeps week I plan tweet about all the above mentioned topics but I hope also to be able to do some live reporting from the field from our breathtaking study sites in the Gran Paradiso National Park (@PNGranParadiso)!  

You can find me on Google Scholar , ResearchGate and, of course, on Twitter: @achazhardenberg. Occasionally I also post on my not very active blog: www.causalecology.net

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