June 8th 2015 – Joanne Kamens, Addgene

Joanne KamensJoanne Kamens is the Executive Director of Addgene, a mission driven, nonprofit dedicated to helping scientists around the world share plasmid reagents. Addgene has >40,000 plasmids from 2,200 labs around the world. Addgene also provides protocols and resources for molecular biologists at Addgene.org.

Joanne received her PhD in Genetics from Harvard Medical School then spent 15 years at BASF/Abbott, ultimately serving as Group Leader in Molecular Biology.  In 2007 she joined RXi Pharmaceuticals as Senior Director of Research Collaborations. Dr. Kamens has been raising awareness of women scientists and advocating for all types of diversity since 1998 upon realizing that an entire week had gone by at work and not one other woman had been at any meeting she attended. Dr. Kamens founded the current Boston chapter of the Association for Women in Science. Dr. Kamens was Director of the Boston Healthcare Businesswomens Association Mentoring Program for 3 years. She was recognized as one of the 2013 PharmaVoice 100 Most Inspiring and a Forty Over 40 Woman Making an Impact.  In 2010, Dr. Kamens was selected as a Fellow of the Massachusetts Academy of Science recognizing scientific accomplishment and service to the science community and the public.  She serves on a number of other nonprofit boards and speaks widely on career development topics in person and via Webinar.  Her career blogs can be found via Linked In or at blog.addgene.org.


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