March 23rd 2015 – Tom Kimmerer, Venerable Trees, Inc.

fall colors at Kentucky Horse ParkI am a tree physiologist and forest scientist, and Chief Scientist at the nonprofit Venerable Trees, which is dedicated to the conservation of ancient trees. My research background is in the biochemistry of trees and plant-animal interactions. I am also  a writer and photographer. My first book, Venerable Trees: History, Biology, and Conservation in the Bluegrass will be published this year and my second book will be out in 2016.  I have a BS in Forest Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry and a PhD in both forestry and botany from the University of Wisconsin Madison.  I was on the faculty at the University of Kentucky,  Universiti Putra Malaysia, and Universitas Tanjungpura Indonesia. I have lectured on tree physiology, urban forestry  and renewable energy throughout North America, Indonesia and Malaysia. I am a Fulbright Scholar, and a member of AAAS and the American Society of Plant Biologists. In recent years, I have been a consultant on renewable energy projects that use wood as a feedstock.  In 2015 and 2016, in addition to my work and writing, I am helping to organize a celebration of the sesquicentennial of  Thomas Hunt Morgan the Nobel Laureate and a seminal figure in modern biology.  The strangest thing I have ever done as a scientist was to use an alcohol breathalyzer on trees.
I write for Planet Experts and Venerable Trees . and post samples of my photographs at  The Lives of Trees. Links to all my work are at  You can reach me by email (tom at venerabletrees dot org), twitter @venerabletrees and  on Facebook at  kimmerer and venerabletrees.

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