February 16th, 2015 – Simon Goring, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Simon GoringI am an Assistant Scientist at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I model the relationships between forest composition, land use change and climate at multiple spatial scales. I am heavily involved in the Paleoecological Observatory Network (PalEON) using modern, historical and paleo-ecological climate and vegetation data to understand relationships between climate change, land use change and forest composition while training undergraduate and graduate students. My interdisciplinary work has resulted in lead authorship in a special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, discussing the steps necessary for academic institutions to better support early career researchers in their interdisciplinary studies (Goring et al., 2014).

I have developed new open-source tools for accessing and analyzing paleoecological data in R (Goring et al. submitted; Blaauw and Goring, 2014); refined of the relationship between pollen and plant species richness (Goring et al., 2013); and developed tools to constrain age-uncertainty in paleoecological research (Goring et al., 2012; Blaauw and Goring, 2014). I have helped inform conservation policy in the Pacific Northwest (Pellatt et al., 2012), and at a national scale (Nantel et al., 2014).  I am a member of the Engagement team for the NSF EarthCube initiative and I work closely with the Neotoma Paleoecological Database. My research has been used by others for conservation planning, paleoecological model improvement and even by researchers at the Planetary Science Institute to understand the history of lakes on Mars.

I currently blog at downwithtime.wordpress.com and can be found on twitter at @sjgoring

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