December 1st 2014 – Aimee Eckert, University of Sussex

Aimee EckertAfter completing a BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Bath, including a year in Industry, followed by an MRes in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London; I am now embarking on PhD life at the University of Sussex in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research.

Everything we experience is thanks to our cells working together and interacting with the world around us. If this was not astonishing enough, the normal cellular processes are distorted by cancer cells to grow, adapt and out-compete healthy cells in our bodies.

My PhD research focuses on the role of ‘the cell cycle’ in cancer. The cell cycle is what happens inside a cell when one cell grows and divides to become two new cells. In healthy cells, the cell cycle is a tightly controlled process and strict rules are in place instructing cells when to divide. Cancer cells ignore these rules and undergo repeated rounds of unchecked cell division. Knowledge of the cell cycle in both healthy and cancerous cells is important as it can be used in the design of cancer therapeutics.

I love to learn about all things science and science communication and I tweet as @aimee_e27. When I’m not in the lab I can be found following a different sort of protocol: Baking!

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