November 3rd 2014 – Naomi Osborne, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Naomi Osborne 1I’m a microbiology-enthusiast and Senior Development Scientist working for Thermo Fisher Scientific in Basingstoke, UK. Since graduating from the University of Leicester in 2009, I interned at Thermo Fisher Scientific as part of a Government-funded project, aimed at improving undergraduate courses to make students better-equipped for entering industry. My first couple of years at the company involved investigating novel antimicrobial compounds which could be used to isolate bacteria. Now, I develop novel culture media for the food-testing and clinical market, which is used to detect pathogenic organisms, including “superbugs”. When I’m not researching, carrying out or writing up experiments, I’m also involved in creating content for the company’s social media pages and blog.
I’m a keen STEM ambassador and in my spare time enjoy blogging all things microbiology and taking part in science-outreach events. I’m also on the committee of the Thames Valley Branch of the British Science Association, where I organise Cafe Scientifique events in Reading each month.
I also have a love for cats, Percy Pigs, and shoes.

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