August 18th 2014 – Gavan Cooke, Bangor University

Gavan CookeI first fell in love with zoological sciences after quickly devouring Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’ whilst serving on the modern (and presently last) incarnation of the HMS Beagle. I then studied zoology at the University of Leeds and after a short stint in a marine biology taxonomy lab at Hull University I moved to Bangor University to complete a PhD on the behavioural ecology of cichlid fish, focusing on aggressive behaviour by males and females. Due to a long (20 years) standing interest in fishkeeping I then took up managing a large marine (75k litre) and freshwater (25k litre) research aquaria at the School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University. This facility was recently featured in a UK fish keeping magazine (Practical fishkeeping). I also carry out cuttlefish welfare and personality research, along with welfare research for other aquatic organisms, which have been sadly neglected so far. I lecture on animal welfare, cephalopod biology and other marine beasties, and I also run practicals for undergraduates. Feel free to ask me questions on fish/cephalopod behaviour and I will do my best to provide useful answers!

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