Welcome, Biotweeps

Biotweeps is a Twitter account, blog and Facebook page which features a different biologist every week. The project is organised by Anthony Caravaggi and Carina Gsottbauer; we’re scheduled to begin featuring scientists on the 4th of August, 2014.

Here on the blog we’ll be posting introductions to each of the scientists at the beginning of the week. You can post questions to our scientists by tweeting @biotweeps or leaving a comment on the blog post. Follow Biotweeps on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to check our schedule to see which scientists will be featured in the future.

If you’re a biologist who would like to take part, check the schedule to see which dates are free, and sign up now.

Biotweeps takes inspiration from @astrotweeps, a Twitter project which features a new astronomer/planetary scientist every week. Thanks to Astrotweeps organisers Meg Schwamb, Niall Deacon and Demitri Mun for encouraging this project and from whose approach we have, evidently, borrowed quite liberally.


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